Deca Durabolin Basics

Generic Name: Nandrolone decanoate
Chemical Name: 3-oxo-estr-4-en-17β-yl decanoate
Molecular Formula: C28H44O3
Molecular Mass: 428.7

Deca Durabolin is technically the brand name of a nandrolone decanoate solution made by Organon, but the name has come to be used for many underground versions of the same steroid. Some hyphenate the name as Deca-Durabolin while others prefer to leave out the hyphen resulting in Deca Durabolin.

The decanoate ester of the hormone nandrolone is dissolved in fixed oils to produce a yellowish oily substance containing 50mg per mL of nandrolone decanoate.

It is typically administered by intra-muscular injection and remains in the system for 21 days. Decabolin is a legal version of the steroid, which can be taken in pill form, and produces very similar effects to Deca-Durabolin.

Differences to Testosterone

The active component nandrolone, is chemically similar to the male sex hormone, testosterone, with a few important differences:

  • Compared with testosterone, it has an increased anabolic action, burning body fat to build muscle and storing nitrogen used to build protein.
  • It also has a reduced androgenic action – the virilization effect common in testosterone, whereby masculine physical characteristics are created or exaggerated, occurs only rarely as a result of taking Deca-Durabolin.
  • Nandrolone also benefits over testosterone in that it breaks down into dihydronandrolone, a relatively weak androgen, while testosterone-based anabolic steroids break down into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a primary factor in causing male pattern baldness and is linked to an increased incidence and exacerbation of prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasmia, in which the prostate enlarges and can cause difficulty in urination.
  • Nandrolone is known to provide great relief from joint pain and the aches caused by other steroids after strenuous exertion.
  • it increases calcium metabolism, building and strengthening bones, and improves collagen growth rates.
  • As a nandrolone-based compound, Deca Durabolin and its legal variant, Decabolin, do not suffer as heavily from the side-effects of being esterised into estrogen compounds as testosterone-based steroids do. This reduces the likelihood of water retention, gynecomastasia (commonly known as “moobs” or “bitch tits”) and diminished libido.
  • Nandrolone does strongly suppress natural testosterone production and should therefore be taken alongside supplementary testosterone.

Medical Usage

Treatment of aplastic anaemias: Deca-Durabolin increases the body’s production of red blood cells, improving the metabolism and the amount of oxygen carried to the muscles in the bloodstream, making it effective for the treatment of some forms of anaemia.

Treatment of estrogen-linked conditions: Compared to testosterone, nandrolone’s androgenic properties are very mild. This has led to the successful use of nandrolone in the treatment of breast cancer and some forms of endometriosis in women.

Treatment of joint pain: Deca-Durabolin’s property of relieving joint pain is utilised not just by athletes but by the medical profession to treat certain rheumatoid and arthritic conditions effecting the joints.

Treatment of muscle-wasting conditions: Deca-Durabolin is popular with athletes and body-builders both for cutting and bulking, reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. The steady gain in muscle it produces is used to help restore patients who have suffered a wasting condition, such as HIV/AIDS or excessively prolonged bedrest.